Artist Info


Darren's technique and vision are original as the tools he fabricates to bring conceptual ideas to life and demand attention to detail.

Projects take a life of their own. They give way to the possibility of blending engineering into concepts that bring fresh ideas to the artistic world.


Darren's passion for sculpting derives from the inspiration of nature, culture, spirituality, and the success of other artists, however, his style reflects someone who has dedicated their effort to being original and influential.  


Darren has been mastering his talent for over fifteen years and taking every advantage to apply that knowledge to perfect his artistic process and passion.

He attended programs, over the course of three years, at locations such as Ocean Pines, located in Cambria, California.  His technique continued to evolve while traveling to various workshops throughout the state.


After obtaining his affinity for sculpting stone, Darren became intrigued with the direct wax and bronzing method which lead to a position with a highly respected Bronze Foundry in Sarasota, Florida.


Over the course of ten years, he became versatile throughout each department within the foundry such as:  the process of mold making, wax pulling and chasing, lost wax process, pouring of bronze, metal chasing, and patina.